Calling people out on their bullshit under the cut.

This is the post.

“1) Verbal aggression (saying something that upsets/annoys someone else)

EXAMPLES:  Blaine behaviors that fall into this category are accusations, being told that Kurt isn’t allowed to be upset about Blaine’s behavior when Kurt asks him about it or comments on it, insults about his looks and mockery when his emotions come into play.”

I would just like to ask if we are even watching the same show at this point in time. It doesn’t seem like it. Would somebody please like to tell me where the mock each other? If this person is referring to Blaine’s hair insecurity and how Kurt smiled playfully and said “C’mon, Borrat” at prom last year, so help me god. Did you not see that that was intended to be playful?

Another thing could be with when they weren’t even dating and Blaine told Kurt he looked unsexy. Please, tell me that if your friend wasn’t doing that, you’d tell them. In fact, Blaine even went so far as to try and help Kurt with the sexy looks.

2) Dominant behaviors (preventing someone to have contact with their family) 

EXAMPLES: While not related to Kurt’s family directly, Kurt having to end his communication with Chandler would fall under this category while Blaine’s communications with Sebastian was allowed to continue.  Indirectly, manipulating to get Burt on Blaine’s “side” during the break-up is a sign of this.  An attempt to come between Kurt and his father.”

Alright, there’s two things here. I’ll start with the Chandler thing.

Blaine never asked Kurt to stop talking to Chandler. It was Kurt’s decision. Proof: “It’s not Chandler, I swear. I told him not to text me any more.” KURT’S CHOICE! BLAINE WOULDN’T ASK KURT TO STOP TALKING TO HIM. Farther proof if you’re thinking about coming and ranting at me in anon how that doesn’t prove anything, “I know,” Blaine says, referring to him texting Kurt. “It’s from me.” There you go.

The second thing that pisses me off is how he “indirectly manipulated” Burt onto his side. Hold up two fucking seconds. We are talking about Burt Hummel. Burt Hummel is the man who would go to the ends of the earth to make Kurt happy. Burt Hummel is the man who kicked Carole and Finn out because of what Finn said to Kurt in season 1. Burt Hummel is the man who was probably ready to kill Blaine when he first found out about Kurt and Blaine’s break up and how it happened. But he didn’t. He probably knew from the beginning that no matter what, they were going to be together. That they were going to end up happily ever after. Proof: Burt smiling happily as he watched Blaine and Kurt hugging at the skating rink. More Proof: Burt bringing Blaine to New York at Christmas to help him and his son work things out, because that’s what makes Kurt happy. Blaine Devon Anderson.

“3) Jealous behaviors (accusing a partner of maintaining other parallel relations).

EXAMPLES: Blaine calling what Kurt did with Chandler “cheating” while minimizing his own behaviors with “I was with someone.”  

Sorry? Did I really just read that text upon my screen? Did you not watch as Blaine showed all the symptoms of being depressed and refer to what happened as “Cheating on the love of his life”?

I’m just not even going to go any farther then that on that one. I think my point is pretty clear there.

Now onto the part which I think is the stupidest.

Calling Blaine a manipulator.

I would just like to take two seconds to let you think about what a manipulator is.

Someone who get’s someone to do shit for them by using intimidation, seduction, or anything that can put the other person in a weak position.

Just think about that.

Let’s start off with the first quote from this half of the post, shall we?

How manipulators control their victims

EXAMPLES:  Excessive texting after the break up to apologize despite the initial apology being turned on Kurt to make Kurt the guilty party.  Seeking approval from Kurt over the break-up.  We’re in each other’s lives forever, right Kurt?  Unwanted visits from Blaine.”

Fucking unwanted visits. Okay. Well, if I wasn’t pissed before, I’m pissed now. I would just like to say, that not a single one of Blaine’s visits looked/seemed or were scripted to be unwanted.

Visit one: Kurt was ecstatic to see Blaine. That was one they broke up.

Visit two: Christmas. Did Kurt look like he didn’t want Blaine there? I think not.

There were also two other visits that occurred, only this time it was with Kurt visiting Lima.

Visit One: The break-up get’s a little worse. Did Kurt know that Blaine would be there. Yes.  Was his main goal while he was there was to try and get closer? Yes. Thus, it was not unwanted by Kurt, nor Blaine by the way his eyes lit up when they saw one another. Did they regret it after? Probably, but the point is not focusing on regret, it’s focusing on unwantedness.

Visit two: The Wedding. Last time I checked, the two of them were basically back together. Was Kurt’s visit unwanted? I would like you to judge that by the way they were making out in the back of a car, had sex in a hotel room, and sang a flirty duet with one another.

Now try to tell me that the visits were unwanted.

And after this there’s about ten paragraphs trying to call Blaine a whiny asshole. Okay. That’s cool, bro. I’m not even going to call them out on every single little thing because I’d be here for hours. So with those 10 paragraphs of calling Blaine whiny and sooky, I’d just like to say this. When have you ever heard Blaine Anderson genuinely whine about how Kurt isn’t treating him fair? Yes, he has called Kurt out on how he wasn’t giving him barely any attention, but he wasn’t whining about it.

I will admit, Blaine has had his sooky moments, but not as many as this post is trying to accuse him of. A lot of it is actual bullshit that they want to accuse him of to try and convince you that he’s a whiny little bitch who doesn’t deserve Kurt or whatever.


EXAMPLES:  Some of Blaine’s relationships with others actually fit here, as a way to get them “on his side” His recent canon relationship with Tina is actually a perfect example of this (that backfired on him).”

Are we even talking about the same person anymore? Like really? Blaine does not try to seduce anyone publicly on the show. He has only done it to Kurt like, what? Once when sober after their first major fight as a couple and once while drunk.

Blaine is a genuinely charming person. He tries to please people in any way he can, example: Although Tina yelled at him in the middle of the hallway for being ungrateful, he brought her a rose and asked her to attend the wedding with him. Example 2: Attends the dance with her to please her.

People chose to lower their walls down for Blaine. You want to know why? He is a good person. Yes, he’s made his fair amount of mistakes and yes, he’s suffered for them. He is loyal in a good way to his friends. He trusts them. He has their loyalty and trust in return, not because he seduced them into giving it to him.

Last but not least, I give you this.

I’m leaving these two together because he does these together.

EXAMPLES:  The “Why are you yelling at me?” line in TFT because it was just to deflect Kurt’s anger back onto himself as being ‘unjustified.”  The scene where Kurt gives Blaine flowers and he says, “zig when I think you’re going to zag” as if he doesn’t know that his behavior in that was hurtful to Kurt. When he’s called out pre-relationship, he does this too, and it’s NOT just him being oblivious.”

How are these in any way fair examples?

The first, Blaine was hammered and probably wouldn’t even know where he was if it wasn’t for the way the place looked on the inside.

The second, please, I beg of you, stop trying to take a quote and turn it into something that it’s not. That is something that is actually kind of a big deal to us, so please, take your Blaine/Darren hating ass and sit it down.I also noticed, that you chose to take the “and I-I just love that about you” out for this example. What’s wrong? Didn’t want to show that Blaine actually loves Kurt to your little hate-dom?


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